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A genuine discovery through the branding of my mother's creative center. "Arts Possible". ™
A step out of my comfort zone.
Our senior project in the Visual Communication program at the University of Kansas was an extensive and in depth brand redesign. I chose to rebrand my mother's company: Scrivner Creative Center.

The Logo:
I wanted to create a physical connection between both the classroom and the audience. What I discovered, was that the students had all imprinted their hands onto the walls of the classroom with their names corresponding. It was perfect. I simply created a "hand print" that intertwines the "S" for "Scrivner" into the thumb/palm.
What makes Scrivner Different?
There are so many children's art and music classes out there, especially in the small town of Leavenworth where Scrivner is based. So I had to dig deep. What I discovered was the genuine passion that Scrivner had for creating arts education opportunity. Aside from the already lowest prices around, they take on "scholarship" students every time they make a little money. On top of that, they deal with children that wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to have an arts education due to disabilities (autism, etc.). But here's the cherry on top... Scrivner is also a Co-Op and they sell local art in the shop above the class room.
Scrivner literally makes "arts possible." Arts = multiple. Scrivner creates opportunity for every child to have a creative education and simultaneously creates a venue for local artists to sell and expose their art.