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Branding of a new women's boutique in NYS.
Chic and Sweet
Branding, Design, and Marketing
When creating the brand tone for the Hertel Avenue fashionboutique, Chic and Sweet, we focused our efforts on building a retailer thatcould become a lifestyle that echoed both modern sensibility and classiccouture. Something sleek and flattering that ultimately appealed to Chic andSweet’s target audience: young adult to middle-aged, mid-to-upper class women.This stream of consciousness transitioned seamlessly throughout the branding,print creation, tagging, web and storefront design. We set Chic and Sweet upwith a fairly simple black and white color scheme contrasted by a sharp fonttype and a paisley design pattern. This combination of creative elements, alongwith offering unique styles and fashion accessories, helped the mod boutiquestand out from their existing competition.