§ — Installation by Sougwen Chung

    Musee D'art Moderne et Contemporain Géneve
    Geneva, Switzerland
    May 2-10, 2013
    Commissioned by Mapping Festival​

  • Chiaroscuro is a culmination of contrasts; the interplay of light and dark, the tangible and intangible, the old and new. The installation is a contemporary interpretation of "Chiaroscuro", a term more commonly associated with 17th century painting, that is as hand-made as it is digitally enabled. 
    Drawing in the installation is the fundamental element -- spanning the physical structure, the light-mapping and the projection itself. By digitizing the drawing, the simple expression of mark-making becomes transmutable. It is reinterpreted to take on a new form and dimension in the software -- it transforms into structures manipulatable through time.
    If drawing is a metaphor for basic human expression, Chiaroscuro is an immersive installation that augments the drawn image in scale, sound, and scope by harnessing the imaginative potential of interdisciplinary processes and technologies.
  • Creative direction by: Sougwen Chung
    Original Music by Praveen Sharma
    Technical direction: Andrien Boulanger
    Arduino Programming by: Adam Harvey
    Structural Supports by: Square Fabrication
    Filmed by:  Linda Cavaliero, Marcelline Gamma

    Thanks to: Ana Ascensio, Boris Edelstein, Adrien Boulanger, Justine Beaujouan,  Loic Shutter, Audrey Powell, Jorge Escobar, Yves Evequoz, Nonotak Studios, Wengnam Yap, Adi Panuntun, Sony Budi Sasono, Gaz Bushell, Anthony Rowe, Linda Cavaliero, BLACK OUT ( blackout.fr ), Adrien Boulanger, Fanny Visser, Will Wires Dardelin, Fabrice Giraud, Fabio Manozzi

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    Inquiries: hello@sougwen.com
    Twitter: twitter.com/sougwen
    Facebook: facebook.com/sougwen
    Web: sougwen.com