ChiChi Typeface

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    ChiChi is a typeface based on my most popular trait as chosen by friends and family. A survey was sent to people in my contact list, posing the question: "What word best describes me?" The results were then documented in a personality and process chart, and the most popular/common trait chosen was used to design my typeface.

    The trait most commonly chosen was 'fashionable'. Inspired by fashion illustrations and various fashion magazine photoshoots, ChiChi was created by an obsession with the chic and fabulous. Because fashion isn't only about clothes but all-encompassing, playful usage of hair and accessories were also incorporated to display the energy and life of fashion.

  • Personality Chart documenting all the traits documented through the survey, and categorized into Physical and Personality.
  • Process Chart documenting total amount of people surveyed and the number of traits documented.
  • Moodboard
  • ChiChi typeface from A-Z
  • Close-up of A
  • Close-up of Q
  • Close-up of S
  • Close-up of W
  • Digital Poster

  • Poster printed on chiffon