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An advertising campaign and graphic designing for Chevrolet. Part of Chevrolet Campus Promotions Internship via EdVenture partners.
Chevrolet Campus Promotions Internship
Chevrolet approached 'Intuition Advertising', a student-run advertising agency at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, to create an on-campus event promoting Chevrolet. 
We were given a budget of $3000, and were given 3 cars to showcase at our event, the Chevrolet Camaro, Cruze and Equinox.

I worked in the creative department of the agency. The 'Strategy & Implementation' conducted their research and concluded that they wanted to show how the Chevrolet cars were more than just cars. They wanted to show that each car suits a certain personality and character. That was where my department came in, we had to put the idea to paper and show that Chevrolet cars are more than just basic vehicles through our event and the event advertising.

Basically, the poster is composed of the silhouette of a Camaro that is made up by the keywords and key figures associated with the Camaro and the character it personifies. Here the lime color was used for the silhouette because the Camaro we were getting was lime in color.
This poster was posted all around campus where it created hype and mystery among students to as what cars were coming to campus. We kept the students guessing until the event-day where the cars were revea
Basically, it had the same design elements as the posters and the giveaway shirts, but here instead of having a car silhouette, there's the Chevrolet bow tie instead. 
The Strategy and Implementation department synthesized that the typical driver of a Camaro is a 'Thrill Seeker' a speed demon - basically, an adrenaline junkie. Therefore, the Camaro giveaway T-shirt had the main personality trait: 'Thrill Seeker' on the front side. While on the rear end of the shirt, you find the Camaro silhouette composed of the keywords and figures along with the campaign slogan. Basically, tying in with the pre-event teaser campaign.
Same story goes for the Chevrolet Equinox. Here the S&I department concluded that the typical driver of a Equinox, or what the Equinox personifies, is a 'Go-Getter', an initiator. Therefore, as the Camaro shirt, you have the 'Go-Getter' word in front with the Equinox silhouette with the slogan on the back.
For an integrated campaign and approach, the Cruze giveaway shirt has the same gist. For the Cruze, S&I decided that it personifies a 'Trendsetter' an innovator and a groundbreaker. Therefore, you have the word 'Trendsetter' in front with the Cruze silhouette and the campaign slogan on the back.