Chelsea Stadium

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  • Chelsea Stadium
    Chelsea Football Club 
  • The design of a new stadium for Chelsea’s Football team needed to address certain key issues. First was to create an icon for the borough and the team without blotting out the existing character of the area. Secondly, I wanted to consider how the site could be used on days when there was no match. My solution came about by studying the neighborhoods and how the site might be approached. We were required to encourage walking to the stadium and the use of public transportation, so I cataloged all the points where surrounding streets met the site and how busy they would be due to neighborhood population and access to public transportation nodes. This led to a study of how the crowd might flow towards and around the stadium and how the street edge might be used between game days.

    This flow sculpted the stadium and the topography of the site in a way that emphasized the stadium on game day simply by drawing people towards and around it, revealing itself as the crowd moves through the topography. Between game days, the topography masks the stadium entrances and subdues it to become a part of the landscape; a visual icon of the borough and its team.

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