Chelem Trail (Interpretive Trail signs)

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  • The Chelem Trail
    Interpretive Trail signs
  • Squamish Estuary Education is a project of the  Squamish Environment Society

    Squamish Environment Society embarked on the Squamish Estuary Education project in 2010 and aims to provide estuary visitors with thought provoking glimpses into both the visible and the invisible estuary. There are three components to the project: volunteer interpreters to provide basic information regarding the Squamish Estuary to residents and visitors; a series of signs that explain some of the wonders of the estuary; and a pamphlet for self guided explorations.

    The Squamish Estuary is a four season store house of interesting sights, sounds, smells and experiences. To fully enjoy the estuary requires returning time and again in all seasons, times of day, weather and tidal conditions. While much is visible, much is invisible because it happens in the mud, underwater, at night, behind vegetation, or when people are not present.

    The signs at the Chelem Trail provide glimpses of the connections between plants, animals, tides, river, mud, wind and time.

    The estuary story also includes the on-going struggle between people and possible estuary uses: housing, transportation, recreation, flood protection, birds, salmon and other wildlife.

    The estuary story is a microcosm of nature-human interactions.

    It’s a fascinating story.
  • This poster sign identifies the Big Black Birds, mostly birds of prey, that you can see from the Squamish estuary. From a distance you may think you're seeing bald eagles, but on a closer look you can identify Eagles, Vultures, Osprey, Red tailed hawk, Raven, Northern Harrier.
  • The Trail Head Sign is reproduced 48"x48" and shows my watercolour painting of the Chelem Trail.
  • "Estuary Panorama" watercolour showing the Stawamus Chief with mountains beyond.
  • Bald Eagle watercolour + Photoshop
  • Osprey watercolour + Photoshop
  • Red tailed Hawk watercolour + Photoshop
  • Raven watercolour + Photoshop
  • Northern Harrier watercolour + Photoshop
  • Vulture watercolour + Photoshop