Cheestrings - Mr Strings' World Tour (2010)

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  • To support Kerry Foods's mew campaign for Cheestrings, Fallon created Mr String's World Tour. In TV ads and online banners we follow Mr Strings on his weird and wonderful journeys across the world. The game teaches children about geography and encourages them to draw a vehicle and join Mr Strings on his World Tour. You’ll meet hypnotic beavers, exploding pandas and maybe the elusive shycows! Amp up your vehicle with 24 power-up codes found on Cheestrings packs – try the ones below for unexpected power ups (hit space in-game)
    24685 jump 
    33748 shy cows 
    27684 head lights 
    97795 digger 
    26842 shrink ray 
    79374 anti gravity 
    75263 titanic 
    24872 London bus 
    22559 sirens 
    69636 cow bell 
    23593 monster truck 
    86684 weird side of the moon 
    25657 Technicolor 
    88843 shark 
    69284 muscle car 
    84959 Godzilla 
    65378 invisibility 
    48666 death car 
    37663 big cake 
    46425 cannon 
    64888 Australian corked hat 
    95864 jet pack 
    46956 UFO
    Agency: Fallon
    Production Partner: B-Reel