Chasing Mirrors - National Portrait Gallery

  • 1781
  • 112
  • 9
  • Chasing Mirrors
    for the National Portrait Gallery, London
  • A calligraphy-based branding project for the National Portrait Gallery, London. Make Me Believe/Visual Dhikr was asked to deliver a unique calligraphic design and brand identity that completes the series. The focus was two fold:

    1) Create an typographic identity/logo for the series
    2) Accompanying calligraphy/artwork that is a translation of 'Chasing Mirrors'

    The following depicts a brief account of the development process and final outcome.

    From NPG: Chasing Mirrors reflects on identity, art and culture inspired by connections with the greater Middle East. It offers no single unifying viewpoint but a global mix of voices and perspectives of artists, writers, historian, storytellers and poets.
  • Development and Initial Ideas
  • Second stage of development and introducing calligraphy
  • Final stages
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