Chashitsu Model - Class Project

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  • Projected to be a structure made of recycled wooden pallettes, this would allow a modular type construction and be coherent with the Eco-Chashitsu concept, in which most building materials and interior furnishings would be repurposed or made of recycled materials. 
  • The North and East exterior walls would have vertical gardens. The northern wall, would be covered in moss, a choice inspired by the Japanese culture and an ideal plant choice for the northern side.
  • A reinterpretation of the Japanese rock gardens in the main entrance area of the Eco-Chashitsu.
  • The southern side of the building has a wooden ramp that may be used for outdoor rituals, meditations or a seating area for the public to view the tea ceremony.
    Glass doors with screens open out onto the ramp/patio area.
  • On the western sid of the building there is a secondary entrance, used mainly by the host/hostess of the tea ceremony, and leads into a changing room adjacent to the main ceremonial space. 

  • Inspiration board.
  • Sketches/Rough Drafts of furniture ideas