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Charlotte Wahrendorf is a danish weaver and textile artist who specialises in cotton and wool.
The Logo Framework

With the logo, I wanted to depict the art of weaving right in the middle.
While 'CW' are already Charlotte's initials, they are also the first letters of cotton and wool, the two main sources of material. The two letters are woven together to make the final logo.
Fonts and Colours
Since Charlotte is Danish, the colours chosen are based on the traditional Danish colours - but with a twist. In place of red I chose 'week old watermelon' and in place of white: 'Århus clay'.
The font 'Tribute' worked as a warm contrast to the precise lines of the mark.
Imagery and Applications
The two main sources of material that Charlotte works with are lambs wool and cotton. Pictures of these subjects were used in promotional material and applications.