Character Creativ Kit

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  • Useful Character Creation Kit
    This is convenient kit for building character for your design.
    6 color variations.
    Contains all necessary elements for each color: body, clothe, accessories.
    Easy system assembly new character:
    • Layers named and ordered.
    • Includes all sources.
    • An infinite number of variations.
    • Two versions of the assembly:
    turn on / off the layer or move the object on the body.
    • 7 pre-made characters available in transparent PNGs.
    • Ai, EPS.
    If you want to use this Character Creation Kit. Use this link to download.
  • Character Creation Kit / $7.00
    One million of assembly character:
    A complete sample of characters:
    Example of one of the six colors of kit:
    How to use the kit:
    Example of use (one in a million options):
  • If you want to use this "Character Creation Kit". Use this link to download. Enjoy!
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