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D&AD brief to design and package a 21st Century Scotch. It had to leave the old conventions behind and appeal to an international, female consume… Read More
D&AD brief to design and package a 21st Century Scotch. It had to leave the old conventions behind and appeal to an international, female consumer. Read Less
Chantico Scotch Whisky
A D&AD brief to design and package a new, 21st Century Scotch Whisky. It had to leave the old conventions behind and appeal to an international, female consumer.
Chantico is a whisky that will appeal to and empower women, while not alienating the dominant male market.

Women are more adept than men at tasting the complex flavours of whisky, yet from the 1960s onward advertising campaigns have sought to relate whisky to masculine power.

Chantico doesn’t pretend to be anything other than a world-class whisky with a strong flavour. In fact, it is this strength that is pivotal to marketing the brand. The name Chantico is the Aztec goddess of fire. She is powerful and imposing, surrounded by myth and folklore. Men are drawn to her and women admire her. Embodied in this whisky, she brings her spirit to the heart of Scotland.
The tagline...
The line ‘Release the Fire Inside...”, has an effective dual-meaning. Firstly, it encourages you to open the bottle and drink the contents. Secondly, it relates back to Chantico herself and encourages whatever passions lie within us: a universal theme that will resonate worldwide.

The bottle...
The bottle itself stands a tall and striking figure on the shelves. Its slender shape is detailed by feminine curves that exude grace and confidence. The colour choice is a distinctive white, which is far different to the norms in this category and helps it to stand out as a modern and exciting brand. In this way, women will return to the ritual of whisky drinking.
 Features of the bottle...
The back-story...
The story behind Chantico is prominently placed on the side of the box and is integral to the success of the brand. It gives a reason for binding together both Scottish and Aztec elements. Importantly, it adds an air of mystery that is key to marketing.
The story works in a similar way to Jack Daniel’s, as it will have people asking questions. Who is this woman? What happened to her? This will also ensure longevity, opening up the scope for more marketing in the future.

Both genders of every nationality will be enticed by the unexplained elements of the story, but women in particular will respond to the passion of the distiller as he crafts a whisky worthy of his exotic love.

The box...
The box itself is a vital attribute of Chantico whisky. It assures the customer that the product they are buying is a quality one and distinguishes it from the cheaper, unboxed whiskies on the shelf. However, the simple design continues to echo the slender curves of the bottle and the spot gloss ink used for the emblem and the name suggests that there is something mysterious and exciting inside. This leaves the old whisky box conventions behind.
The black design used for an older vintage creates a sophisticated, extra-luxury item. Simply changing the colour scheme of the recognisable design already in place gives the brand continuity and shows how the range can be easily expanded with many variations, while remaining iconic. This offers great scope for future growth.
The glass...
The unique whisky glass design adds to the ritual of drinking Chantico. The shape not only reflects the feminine curves of the bottle, it creates a fluid swirling motion when the drink is nosed, assisting the release of aromas.
It also goes a long way in creating an iconic, international brand. Martini is served in a martini glass, brandy in a brandy glass. In years to come, Chantico will only be served in a Chantico glass.
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