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Packaging design for Chamel medicinal teas.
This Project is still in development and consists in an extensive medicinal tea line, something about 60 packaging in total, to the company Chamel. The objective is to be different from the common products found in the market, by projecting a packaging line that fallow the strict legislation for this kind of product, but at the same time not so expensive to produce. Moreover, the package should reinforce the company’s image with elegant high quality products. The box has a different shape, made with recycled paper, an easy open and close system, and with the option to hang on the shelf or let it on the displayer.

Each package has a unique realist illustration of the plant, made with watercolor. Due to the laws to these products, it’s obligatory the use of Times New Roman in all the texts in the package, using at least 10pt size. With this, the information doesn’t fit in the box, so it was necessary to use a package insert (still being developed). As a final complement, all the packages will have Braille inscriptions with the basic information about the product (also in development).

Packaging design and structure: Artur Janz and Lucas Dranka
Illustrations: Artur Janz
Image adjustment and photography: Lucas Dranka