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Chalk work I've done!
After meeting an incredible chalk artist during my summer in brooklyn, I was inspired to pick up a piece of chalk and get to drawing. By a hint of fate, my school had installed a giant chalkboard over the summer and by fall, I was cracking out some work. Here's my favorite work I've done so far.
Kari Jobe
We had the blessing of hosting the incredible Kari Jobe (with secret special guest All Sons & Daughters, a school favorite) at our school this October. Campus Life commissioned me create two chalk designs: one to advertise the event for four weeks, and an updated version for the day of. The total project took around 15 hours. 

The concert was a total success, and Kari loved the chalk so much she posted it on her Instagram! 
 Photo Credit: Kari Jobe
This is the bottom half of the design, designed the day of! I had a lot of fun designing the gradient on "tonight", which was an idea I had while playing around with blending the chalk in with my hands.