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  • ChairStory - an interactive furniture unit
    Design intervention for modular and multifunctional furniture unit for children [3 - 7 years]
    The design recieved the winning award at 'IDesign Awards 2012 - 13' under the category of 'home and furniture design'.
    Versatility is key for growing kids and their changing needs. Kid’s play should not be limited just to toys. ChairStory lets kids rearange itself into different configurations for hours of exploratory playtime. 
    ChairStory, which doubles as a desk and a sketchpad, achieves both a creative outlet catered for children and a single multifunctional space efficient unit.
    The back of the ChairStory turns into an easel for the kids to explore their aritstic side. 
    With the stackabilty property of the block, it can be turned into modular classroom shelf, where they can put their bags, books, games etc.