• Chair Omago
    Becker contest chair
  •    “Omago” is mouldedwood chair made of veneer sheets, dimensions L=1200mm, W=300mm, H=10mm.  The main idea of this chair was found innature, in the beauty of butterflies and leaves. I try to transfer basicelements of these two living life into this chair with symbolic name: “Omago”.
       Veneer packages,used for seat-back, are pressed into three-dimensional shaped parts, on heatand high pressure and then 5-axis CNC is used for creating inside holes andchair form. At the end of that process is finished seat part with lot holes andlines (around 1.5 cm wide), which represents structure of butterfly wings orleaf arteries. There are two chair variations: one with holes, and another withrelief channels (5mm depth), instead of whole excavation. Beside seat part madeof wood, there are another 4 parts: 1. Chair legs made of skew metal pipeD=20mm, 2. Center cross made of plastic used to consolidate chair legs, 3. Screwto connect seat part and legs, 4. Plastic cap at the end of chair legs.