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Сеть спорт магазинов "Кант". Реклама: Сплю и вижу...
Реклама: Сплю и вижу...
Idea and production: CreativePeople (

Before the summer season Kant chain of sports storeslaunched an “image” advertising campaign which aimed to remind to their clientsthat Kant stands not only for winter sports (which is a stereotype), but alsoeverything that a thrill-seeker needs to spend their spring and summeractively.
The targeted audience of the store are people who buyquite professional sports equipment and who has been keen on sports for a longtime. Expectation and anticipation of the coming season gets particularlystrong when puddles and dirty slush disappear from the streets (the campaignstarted in April).
The real thrill-seekers sleep in “extreme” positions.

Project team:

Ideas: Aleksander Kovalsky
Art-direction and post-production: Prokhor Maklakov
Post-production and 3D production: Andrei Lavrischev
Photo: Lev Bodrov (
Make-up:Yulia Pantyukhina
Some of RAW pictures: