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A branding exercise for a unique and fast growing brand across India - Chai Point.
Chai Point 
Working closely to build a stop & go culture for India’s favorite beverage across classes - Chai. The challenge is to build Chai as a brand and change the way people drink and enjoy tea through various traditional and digital touch points. So we constantly brew up quite a storm with the retail identity, in-store creatives, online advertising including emailers and more. After all, India runs on Chai!
Chai Point was launching its 16th store at the Bangalore International Airport. To give a souvenir for all the travelers visiting the store, a set of bookmarks were created with interesting facts about Chai Point's authentic Chai in a fun rhyme. 
A philosophy coined to communicate what Chai Point offers to corporates. Driving home the thought that anything gets done better with a great glass of Chai. A line that is trademarked by the brand!
Consistently carried forward in all of their communication, branding, identity, stationary and store design. 
A statement to capture the personality of the brand. Coined it to translate what Chai Point delivers to every working Indian. Take a break, a pause from work...sip into authentic Chai (tea), into stimulating energy and get back on your track!
Yet another brand statement coined to fill in the mood and spirit of a great glass of Chai (tea) for every working Indian. 
Each of these brand phrases and slogans formed a vital part of the retail store design and other graphics for the brand.
An EDM (Electronic Direct Mailer) released as part of promoting Chai Point at business schools and offices.