Cesar Gracie Academy

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  • The Scrap Pack
    (Tribute to the Scrap pack from the Cesar Gracie Academy. Depicted hare are (in order from left to right): Jake Shields, Cesar Gracie, Nick Diaz, Nate Diaz and Gilbert Melendez (bottom). The piece builds upon previous style experiments and is stylistically chosen to incorporate the doodle Cesar Gracie Academy logo with the digitally painted figures of the fighters. Most of the artworks are from-reference paintings designed further around the main portrait figure.

    Technically the process involves complete digital workflow, although the piece building method sometimes picks overlay elements from personal doodle decoration sketches specifically for the artwork worked on, drawn on paper and scanned.)

  • 'The Scrap Pack',
    digital painting, 60x40cm, 300 dpi.

  • 'Crop 1 - brothers Nick and Nate Diaz',
    digital painting, 60x40cm, 300 dpi.

  • 'Crop 2 - Gilbert Melendez',
    digital painting, 60x40cm, 300 dpi.
  • 'Crop 3 - Jake Shields',
    digital painting, 60x40cm, 300 dpi.

  • These artworks are part of an evolving Mixed Martial Arts series collection, whose goal is to produce a number of tribute pieces for the sport. The project aims to present an MMA portfolio with specific stylistic characteristics open to be applied on other subject matters. The main plan while working on the series, which should grow to around 25 artworks depicting the most important personalities of MMA, is to present the collection in a gallery environment, possibly continuing the endeavor in an art project collaboration and investment.

    The published artworks are available as prints on: