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Exhibition graphics for the National Archives in Montreal

Graphic design for the art exhibition Ces artistes qui impriment hosted by the National Archives in Montreal. The exhibition showcases contemporary Quebec artist prints.

The graphic concept is generated from a grid of vectors, the artists and their actions, intersecting each other and intertwined with the art works. The action lines also suggest paths for the visitor to follow. Each artist is individually showcased with his name in large print on the wall beside his work, which is the graphic starting point of a vector. The artist is then connected to the others through this grid, somewhat chaotic and dynamic, reminiscent of the artistic process itself.

Most information graphics are applied to the floor and on to odd shaped monoliths, which are reminiscent of the original lithography (stone-plate) printing. The point was to leave the walls to the artists and their works.

Created in collaboration with Diane Bernier, exhibit designer, and Lucie Bazzo, lighting designer.
All photos are by Pierre Perrault. Copyright is owned by Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec.