Cereal Killers

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  • Cereal Killers is an exhibition celebrating the most important meal of the day:
    Breakfast. Cereal is the fuel in our engines, a time honoured tradition shared by 
    children and adults alike. What cereal do you eat ?  
    Shredded wheat or a different treat ? 
    The Cereal Killers exhibition gives visitors the chance to sample the wide range of cereals on offer while showcasing the vibrant and colourful packaging.
    The exhibition includes: ‘spilt milk’ way finding system, branded plinths with cereal box and cereal dispenser, vinyl stickers and projection of short animation.  Visitors are also given a bowl pack which
    includes a bowl, a spoon and a small booklet containing a few facts about each cereal exhibited. This pack provides visitors with all the tools necessary to enjoy the cereals around the room
    and find out more about them.