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The product and the service intended for children for the MUST museum shop on the subject of Leonardo da Vinci.


Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci, Milano, Italy

/ collaboration with T. Tasić, H. Ylhaisi, Y. Li, G. Galanti and N. Pietrobelli

The task was to create a product intended for children for the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci shop on the subject of Leonardo da Vinci. We got inspired by the fact that Leonardo’s products are not just in one part of the museum, but in many different parts, so we designed also the service which leads the visitors through the museum to our product in the MUST shop. 
The aim of the service/game ‘‘What kind of Leonardo are you?’’ is to create a stronger connection inside of the whole museum, as well as to inspire children and other visitors to discover vast possibilities that the museum offers. Exploring the museum visitors find various questions connected to different subjects and parts of the museum. 
The ticket is given at the entrance of the museum. Tearing the letter of your answer, you will find out if you are : 
/ an artist, 
/ a scientist or 
/ an engineer
Product offered at the MUST shop gives you a possibility to check if the result of the game was correct or you maybe have potential to switch to other professions!
* it consists: regular wax, beeswax, glycerin, mold, colors, maps for the city, lanolin, thread and essential oil
Artists can make and shape candles, engineers build the city of their dreams and scientisst mix the ingredients to make a soap!  
Leonardo used wax in sculpture studies and later applied this knowledge and experience in a scientific field to investigate human anatomy by injecting organs with wax to make plaster casts out of them. For sculptures, he used wax as a study technique and often as a base of a mold.
By creating wax models children can feel like they were Leonardo themselves: 
1) By learning about molds, casting and sculpting
2) Learning about scientic processes
3) Improvement of creative skills
• prototype exhibited at ‘Light me up’ exhibition (February 2013; Milano,Italy)
and Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2013 (April 9th - April 14th, 2013; Milano, Italy)