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Corporate Identity for the artist and courator Celia Eslava.

celia eslava

Corporate identity for the artist and courator Celia Eslava.
No set rules, do not have set guidelines, the elements of this identity speak for themselves and are located in space with little help.

We have created a symbol inspired by one of the elements that are important in her work.
Furthermore we believe that this symbol suggests or could suggest the chaos and entanglement prior to a creative process.
As she suggesting to us, this process has a beginning and end, and a point at which pull and "solve", so the beginning and the end of this thread-idea.

There is no conventional stationery, only a bussiness card.
A stamp in black and two circular stickers supplant the other stationery.
These elements are designed to apply on differents papers, envelopes, boxes, cloth bags, etc ... according to her needs.