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Conference setup design for Celect, a startup website design and software development company.
Logo & Color Palette Refresh
Celect, a website design and software company, needed a brand refresh and visual simplification that would send a clearer message to clients.
Old identity vs. new.
Early logo development focused on networking and the "Three C's" (community, commerce and communication).
Conference Setup
Celect needed an engaging conference setup that would advertise the start-up's name, travel well, meet budget and space requirements, and show off the company's main product: website design and online member management tools.
Ideal conference setup concepts (given an unlimited budget).
Final setup designs for small (1 sales rep) and large (2+ sales reps) conferences, including graphics for banners, counter & removable/reversible wing, rear-projection screen and collateral. Demos are given on iPads.
The proposals were reconfigured to include an About Celect section to aid client liaisons in pitching the company's services to key decision-makers at their respective organizations. In addition, the documents were reformatted as DIY pdf forms to facilitate CRM processes.
Sample of redesigned enterprise-level proposal pages. Played a significant role in copywriting/editing, formatting, content order and form field setup of master template, as well as customization on a per-client basis.