Celebrating Strides

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  • Celebrating Strides is a remarkable testament to a remarkable group of people: 30 South Africans whose steady progress embodies the attributes of the Johnnie Walker ® whisky brand: Keep Walking. 
    The inspirational stories in this book are just a sample of the multitude of inspirational South Africans that quietly go about their lives without fuss or fanfare – while taking enormous strides towards their own, very personal goals. 

    These new role models are people just like you. Indeed, it was all of you – the members of The Striding Man Society – who participated in this campaign. You all had stories to tell, and from the wealth of stories you submitted, it was our difficult task to select just 30. 

    The result is a rich tapestry that reflects a range of uniquely South African life experiences, struggles and victories. These are your lives; your victories. These people populate your cities and villages. They are individuals that are making a difference; people committed to personal progress – often at great cost and in spite of great adversity. Their stories are humble accounts of the journey towards fulfillment.
    After all, not every success story ends in six zeros – and not every winner receives a trophy. Sometimes, a hero is simply the person who gets up after he has fallen, to Keep Walking. We call these individuals Striders.     

    John Walker was the original Strider. Born in 1805, he was the founder of the Johnnie Walker ® brand. John started his career as a grocer at the age of 14 when he began experimenting with whisky blending. Rearing the Johnnie Walker ® brand from humble beginnings to a global empire famous for its perfect whisky blends, he has come to personify personal progress. 
    It is only appropriate for The Striding Man Society to acknowledge South Africa’s own Striders. 

    This book celebrates the achievements of men and women of substance. It is made all the more remarkable by the unique wisdom and life philosophies offered by each one of them. Their advancements are a testament to human strength and willpower, and prove that personal trials are merely learning curves on the path of life.
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