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  • Ceat is a well known Indian brand and established since year 1952. It is ideal for its toughness, strong grip and long lasting quality. However it has a high range in trucks, cars, 2 wheeler, heavy vehicles. These are the main unique selling points (USPs) of this brand and the target audience is mainly truck drivers, contractors, farmers and other people who possess bikes and cars. On the last Independence day (15th Aug), Ceat was going to celebrate 65 years of independence by wishing all Indians through their Ad release. As per the brief given for this assignment I designed a brand ad for Ceat Tyre which would be published on the 15th August and would be supposed to build up their 'brand image' within India.
    As this is a brand ad for 'Independence day' the concept should express the relation between Ceat and India. When I was observing tyres of a bike, I saw many tyre's impressions over the ground. That impressions were the evidence of movements of tyres. I did not know when the bike had been parked, but the impressions were still there. This inspired me for my concept "Impression of India". I relate an impression of tyre with the impression of Ceat brand which has made over Indians since 60 years. Ceat has created unique bonding with Indians and contributed much in India's progress with their superior quality which assures a safe journey. Since the brand is all about road journey, it develops connection between towns and cities. It helps business to expand rapidly, motivates tourism and cultural activities. In short, Ceat has vital importance to rise economy of India. Hence, directly or indirectly all Indians are the part of this wonderful journey. To convey my thought I illustrated all the road journey related elements by pen and charcoal in the impression of tyre . It shows the impression of Ceat is not only lasted on India but also in the heart of all Indians.
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