• Caturmaharaja

    We're back! For almost 2 years aint made something together because of our tight individual schedule,at this 2009s closing year were coming back by giving a fresh breakthrough at the munny custom show.For someone whos curious about the word on the front base, its a Sanskrit language,read CATURMAHARAJA, mean FOUR HEAVENLY KINGS.
  • Few words about MODE FOUR..
    We start dreaming and see the world outside within a range of any sense of coolness.
    Then apparently we fused into one with variety of abilities, styles or whatever.But talking about styles of work, we dont really care actually, just stop right there. If its the voice of fear, we have nothing to fear but fear itself.If we couldnt care less about being cool. Then, we should.
    So, heres the real part; After the last six years, do you think we havent changed? Yes, we do.Were MODE FOUR, we consist of Evildo, Machine56, Mondayz, The Yellow Dino,
    and were nothing but cool.

    Do we should give them more credit?