• This was an ongoing project developing and producing branding
    and marketing materials for a bank. Jeremy Bond of Park Marketing Consultants (http://www.parkmarketingconsultants.com) was primarily concerned with product development and copywriting, whilst both myself and Michael Taylor of Equinox Partners (http://www.equinoxpartners.co.uk) designed, developed and produced the work.
    This first picture shows the signage that hangs outside the head office, which was utilised and developed to become part of the logo - The curvature of the oval also being used as the main feature of their branding.
  • There are also variations of the logo developed to be used when dealing with limited space
    and colour variations for the different devisions of Offshore, Buisiness and Private.
  • Development and implementation of the design guidelines.
  • All the sizes of logos and positioning of branding were developed and specified in proportions as apposed to measurements, on all formats.
  • Design and production of various marketing materials, both for business to business
    and direct to client.
  • Advertising, informative and promotional literature.