• Catalogue Willem van de Poll
    The Hague Museum of Photography

     TOTAL IDENTITY // Edwin van Praet
  • The Hague Museum of Photography dedicated an exposition in 2005 and 2006 at the oeuvre of Willem van de Poll (1895–1970). This photographer, a friend of Prince Bernhards, got known in The Netherlands for his informal pictures of the royal family. But his work turns out to have a much broader character: he worked as a fashion and publicity photographer, reported on political hotbeds such as Indonesia and made travelling impressions.
    The exposition in the Photo Museum was designed by Total Identity. The exposition was accompanied by an impressive edition of theprincipal work of Van de Poll, mostly originating from the Netherlands National Archive. This book was conceived, designed and produced by Total Identity.
    Client: The Hague Museum of Photography
    Project: Catalogue
    Agency: Total Identity, The Hague

    Design: Edwin van Praet
    DTP: Paul Monster