Casuarina - Trilhos / Terra Firme

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  • Project: Artwork for Casuarina's fourth album, called "Trilhos - Terra Firme". Casuarina is one of the most important bands of the new generation of samba in Brazil.
    My Role: Concepting, Art Direction, Design, Illustration, Photography, Retouching
    Client: Casuarina, Warner Music, Superlativa
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    Art Direction: Diogo Montes
    Design: Diogo Montes
    Illustrations: Danielle Gilbert, Denise Duffy, Diogo Montes and Hayley Morris
    Art Assistance: Freddy Gomez and Paula Abreu
    Band Photo: Guto Costa
    Artwork Photos: Corey Brown and Diogo Montes
    Retouching: Diogo Montes
    Art Production: Paula Abreu