Casino by Zeniz & Social Slots
  • We have designed the Casino by Zeniz and Social Slots Game. We prepared design of the game User interface from sketch - starting with paper work and finishing with 3d modelling and icon design. The game was designed both for iPhone and iPad.
    We have created bunch of game UIs inside Casino by Zeniz iOS / Android Game.
    The Game starts from the Game Room where user swipes and views all games. There are actually two types of Games in Casino - Slots and Poker. You can play poker and slots with real people, not bots - you can add them to friends, invite your friends to game and get bonuses and win achievements.

    Slots games are of different types. Cooperative games where you can play together with others. Tournament games where you play against your competitors. The slots have themes - each new slot game has its unique design and icons that rotate - tropical slot theme, steampunk, underwater slot theme and more.
  • Splashscreen:
  • When the user enters the game room he may swipe screen to view more games. When he clicks on the slot machine or poker table he enters the game.
  • User Interface for Poker Game:
  • When user clicks on his cards he may see the help pop up showing the combinations. If user has a winning combination his cards are highlighted in this list.
  • We have created a bunch of popup windows for the game.
    Here is the settings window before user enters the poker room:
  • The first window users see when the enter the game is the window with the bonuses. Each day the user comes to the game he receives the free chips.
  • Social Slots game UI:
  • Tropical Slot Game UI:
  • Slot Theme in steampunk style. We tried to make this slot be stuffed with details to express the spirit of Victorian Era. We used 3D models for basic composition of building but lots of small details were drawn from scratch with tablet and PS.
  • Slot theme under water. Icons in bubbles, treasures, sunk ship, sharks and fishes - we tried to make an illustion of real underwater life. We have also communicated with the developement team for some cool effects to add. For example when icons scroll there are lots of bubbles flying around and when user clicks on the screen - there are also some bubbles flying up under his finger. 
  • Magic Farm Slot UI.
  • Promo screenshots for App Store
    Characters for the game:
  • We prepared iOS icons for the App Store in all needed sizes.
    Promo website for the game:
    Video Trailer for  Casino by Zeniz:

  • Art Director: Denis Poluyanov
    3D Modeling & Animation: Denis Poluyanov, Pavel Gilev, Ivan Shevchik
    Animation & Character Sketches: Gregory Kogemyuak, Pavel Gilev
    UI/UX Design: Gregory Kogemyuak, Pavel Gilev, Tatyana Vovchek, Sergey Gumilin, Mihail Lavreka, Oleg Sheremet
    Video Production: Denis Poluyanov
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