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  • As Art Director for the CaseMyWay projects I'm responsible for the creation and supervision of a lot of designs for web and print.

    Below you will find the packaging designed for the initial Beta of the project. My first idea was to use Fedrigoni Paper Imitlin blue Aida laminated with a Fedrigoni Paper Sirio White and hot-foil printing, but it was too expensive and require too much time for preparing it. So I turned to use a simple white on cardboard which turns to be a pleasure to see (IMHO).

    CaseMyWay is a healthy mix of creative and technical minds working together with major brands and award-winning artists to create the most eye-popping customized phone cases on the planet.
    We are the world’s first company to create genuinely customizable cases for a whole range of smartphones and tablets from brands like Apple, Blackberry, HTC and Samsung. And as new models hit the streets, we’ll be putting out new products in response.

    Facebook: casemyway
    Twitter: @casemyway
  • Right now we're in BETA version and we will be launching the final version in the coming months!