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IA and User Interface Design overhaul for local soda legends: Jones Soda.
Case Study: Jones Soda
Re-aligned Information Architecture and Standardized UI Design
The well known Jones Soda brand, as well marketed as it is and has been, has suffered an identity crisis online. A decade of interactive marketing efforts published content onto disparate websites and experiences, causing a need for a re-alignment of the existing information and a newly standardized user interface design.

The following is a summary of the IA and UI Design services I performed as Creative Director for's client, Jones Soda.
Various websites with disparate interface styles created a confusing user experience.
The solution: re-align the Information Architecture into one cohesive website, including moving online applications like games and polls to more appropriate social channels
First step in production: a new sitemap illustrating a high level view of the refined IA
Second step: Create wireframe prototypes, allowing a simulation of the enhanced user experience prior to the design or development phases
Third: Create standardized UI elements, including on-brand fonts and color scheme
Finally, the remainder of the new site architecture is designed. The gray rectangles represent content areas (graphics) intended to be filled in by the Jones Soda in-house designers.
Fun brand, great product, great project. You can view the full site here: