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Brand identity for Casa da Tradução, a company specialized in translations based in São Paulo, Brazil.
Casa da Tradução is a company specialized in translations based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. For being in a highly competitive market with big competitors they differs in the way it serves its customers: the whole deal is done personally.

In 2012 the company approached to Anora Campo to design their visual identity.

One of the challenges of the project was to create an identity beyond anything that existed in the market and to bring originality to the name Casa da Tradução (House of Translation, in English) that despite being new in terms of the names of the competition, usually initials or words in English, it was a generic name.

Another challenge was to communicate with two audiences distinct: large corporations managed by experienced professionals, who wear a suit and tie all day; And with small businesses, most publishers of e-books, founded and administered by young talent with less 30 years who wear jeans and sneakers to work and go to the office riding a bike.

Working with client we reached the main pillar of the brand: Humanity. That pillar translated the company's culture. During the creation process the client gave us the information that the name was not having relevance with clients from other countries, already accustomed to companies with English names. At this point we realized that identity should not simply working with the name, but uses it as a centerpiece. We should find some way to bring appeal to the name.

Reviewing conversations with client we realized the constant use of the term "a casa" (the house) to refer to the company. We saw that name had great significance, very near the main pillar of the brand.

Early on we had the idea to design a logotype with the company name and next to it use the term "Casa" in other languages​​.
We need to say thank you to some friends who participated in this project, directly or indirectly:

Advan Shumisk, Braz de Pina, Douglas Cavendish, Rodrigo Saiani, Junior Valler, Natalia Almeida, Arthur Presser, Tah Kim Chiang and Wai-Ha.
Featured at Novum Magazine
Our project to Casa da Tradução was featured at german magazine Novum at August 2013.
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