• Corpo Santo House
    An old and ruined house divided in three different flats was the departing point for this project.

    A new volume has been added to join the three levels and, beside the stairs, it contains toilets, kitchen and laundry room.

    In the entrance floor we have the garage and laundry. The social area is on the middle floor, with living room open to the kitchen and a small courtyard.

    In the upper level we can find two rooms and bathroom, to enhance the spatiality of the rooms, ceiling beams where left visible.

    Plot Area: 60m2

    Built area: 160m2

    Date: 2011-2012

    Project Team:

    Rui Cerqueira Barros _ arch.
    Cesar Barros _ eng.

    Joaquim Barros _ eng.
    Paulo Duval Sobreira _ arch.
    Fernando Barbosa
    Eugenio Pinto

    Construction: JCA Construções