Caruso restaurant identity

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  • Everyone knows that Enrico Caruso was a big fan of Neapolitan cuisine. He helped the Italian chefs to settle down in New York. He could often be seen in some small Manhattan restaurants, making his favorite bucatini and singing loudly. He always cooked with great enthusiasm and muse.
    In this project we want to represent Caruso’s point of view on creativity. “Caruso” chefs make creative dishes, skillfully improvising in the kitchen. Every dish is a masterpiece. “Bravo maestro!”, impressed customers shout. The main idea of branding is a combination of music and cuisine staff. This opens a really great opportunity to create nice identity and make some visual tricks.
    Bon appetite!
  • Creative direction, copywriting and project management: Sergey Shishkin
    Design: Danil Volozhanin
    Video: Evgeniy Kaurov
    Made in Piligrim
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