Cars and the Garage

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  • Hello guys, here's some design update. A project during my freetime,
    got a plan to illustrate some iconic movies car in my own style then visualise it in the old dusty garage
    wish had those car, maybe just in my dream
    for now, i can only fnish 3 cars, still got a few in list, hope you guys enjoy it.
    Vroommm Vroommmm Vroommmmmm. 
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  • the concept and mood is like a vintage, old garage and
    a machine that never been start in a while.
    after the engine is repaired, 
    i managed to turn the vehicle on,
    so now keep calm and ride on.
    1• Dodge Charger Drag (Fast and the Furious, Dukes of Hazzard)
  • 2• De Lorean, DMC (Back to the Future)
    3• Ecto-1,1959 Cadillac (Ghostbusters)
  • Just an idea, maybe apply it as a sticker and keychain
  • Thank you for viewing my work.
    *sorry for my bad writing. ;p