Carne Griffiths - Trailblazers @ Above Second Gallery

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  • Trailblazers @ Above Second Gallery Hong Kong, Curated by Coates and Scarry
    4 New works will feature alongside works from Angela Lizon (UK) Carlo Cane (Italy) D*Face (UK) Joe Sorren (USA) Lindsey Carr (UK) Nick Walker (UK) Nigel Cox (UK) Pure Evil (UK) Rose Sanderson (UK) and Sas Christian (UK).
  • Trailblazers
    Coates & Scarry and Above Second Gallery Hong Kong are proud to present a group exhibition (UK) featuring the original artworks of Angela Lizon (UK) Carlo Cane (Italy) Carne Griffiths (UK) D*Face (UK) Joe Sorren (USA) Lindsey Carr (UK) Nick Walker (UK) Nigel Cox (UK) Pure Evil (UK) Rose Sanderson (UK) and Sas Christian (UK).
    Introducing some of the most talented artists of the contemporary art scene to Hong Kong, this show truly pushes the boundaries of the Hong Kong art market. Some of the artists have shown in Asia, but for many this will be the first time their work is introduced here. With original artworks made specifically for Above Second (Hong Kong), each artist has brought to these works their own ideas of East meets West in a truly cross-cultural amalgamation of themes.
    From the creepy kitsch kittens of Angela Lizon to Pure Evil’s Pop Art meets ‘A Clockwork Orange,’ Trailblazers blurs the boundaries between the past and the future. Lurid yet intriguing, these artists subvert their subjects – magical creatures are made mysterious, whilst butterfly wings are used to adorn the skulls in D*Face’s ‘Flutterdies.’ By using traditional medium to paint contemporary themes, or contemporary mediums to paint more traditional ones, these artists defy the viewers notions of the new contemporary art movement. Challenging our preconceptions, the artists of Trailblazers know just how to confront the viewer.
    Using old techniques in new ways, or finding entirely new materials – spray paint, alcohol, tea – these artists represent and reawaken classic portraiture, now made vivid, alive, and modern. From street art to silkscreen to traditional oil paintings, this remarkable new show is challenging and intriguing, amazing and trailblazing.