Carleon: The Fine Wines of Sir Oliver Eales

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  • Growing since the early 1960s, the vineyards of Oliver Eales have been producing a bountiful if not small crop in recent years as a trend of recently warmer summers have propelled the growth in Eales’ already meticulously cared-for vines. Eales has been making wine since 1968, but his wine has never been commercially available. Instead, it has been hand bottled and given to his close friends as gifts.
    The recent growth of his vineyards is changing that. Long renowned as one of the most skilled vigneron in all of England, the potentiality of Eales’ wines becoming commercially available has generated much of a buzz indeed. Needed at this point is a wonderfully gorgeous bit of branding to accompany a launch of a wine that is sure to forever mark Britain as a viable contender in the production of high-end wines.
    The initial run of production will include a Vinter’s Choice Red Table Wine Blend, a Pinot Meunier, a Madeleine Angevine and a Chardonnay.