• The aid organization CARITAS/Steiermark in Austria offers help by organizing streetwork and a special drop-in center in the field of drugs. Annual reports normally don't create any enjoyment in reading. This one does. moodley has translated all facts and figures in a subtle visual language, that almost doesn't need many words to express a lot: about the commitment of the streetworkers and people working in the center, about visits, risks, prospects and survival assistance. It's an interplay of images and text that focuses on the human beings and emphasizes the importances of drug assistance services.

    Corporate Publishing by moodley brand identity.
    Client: Caritas der Diözese Graz-Seckau Kontaktladen und Streetwork im Drogenbereich
    Creative direction: Mike Fuisz
    Art direction, graphic design and photography: Marion Luttenberger
    Project management: Emma Steele
    Text concepts: das Kontaktladen-Team
    Production: Medienfabrik Graz
    Product photography: Marion Luttenberger