Cariband, 3d printed case for iPhone 5/5s, Holds Stuff

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  • The Cariband case, protects your iPhone 5/5s and holds stuff.
    The  iPhone 5/5s can do amazing things, but it can’t hold even the smallest piece of paper. Cariband holds the things we carry day to day, like an ID, credit card, cash, pen or your lunch order number. Fold and insert a business card and it holds your iPhone in portrait or landscape orientation. The Cariband case is great for holding things to your iPhone 5/5s or holding your iPhone 5/5s to things.
    The Cariband case is designed to fit a 1/4" wide elastic band, which is not included but is easy to make. (However, the first 100 to order it and fwd me their confirmation and address will receive a free black elastic band.)  Instructions to make one are included in the images below. A #61 (1/4" x 2") rubber band also works, though will have a shorter life. 
    Large buttons make the volume and power buttons easier to push, great for those with adult sized fleshy fingers.
  • Cariband case, in white strong & flexible, polished
  • Front and Back views
  • Power and volume buttons are bigger and easier to push.
  • Holds ID, cash and cards.
  • Beveled corner edge
  • Mute button access and volume buttons
  • Camera detail
  • Elastic band detail
  • Top view, power button detail
  • Bottom view, plugs and speaker
  • Holds business cards
  • Business card as stand for portrait viewing
  • Business card as stand for landscape viewing, front view
  • Business card for stand for landscape viewing, back view
  • How to make an elastic band
  • A #61 rubber band (1/4" x 2") also works well
  • Holds earphones and is available in red!
  • Holds keys, you hold coffee
  • Holds your hand
  • Face off, left vs right
  • Available in Royal Blue! strong & flexible, polished
  • You know how you wish you brought your iphone charger?
  • Not a spray, but holds hare in place. Cariband holds stuff.
  • This is not a pipe, but, it will hold one.
  • Hold your horses.