• The basic concept was to create a handmade modular system to customize typographic murals.
  • - Lower case, please?
    - Yes, of course!
  • As in the first modular alphabet, all letters and numbers are formed by using 6 basic shapes.
  • You can play with shape and size, and because each and every module is unique, one letter will always be different, even when repeated on the same word or sentence. 
  • Over 200 modules were cut and each one got a different set of patterns, all done by hand.
  • Cut
  • Pencil mark
  • Draw
  • Erase the pencil guides
  • And pile. BTW, the actual piles are rather taller. Way taller...
  • The rest is up to your imagination.
  • Thank you for your appreciation.

    Warm hugs,