Card Game Design: Paradise Burp

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  • Paradise Burp
  • Paradise Burp is a card game addressing the message of “healthy eating”. The game is inspired by the wide variety of traditional delicacies in Taiwanese night markets, and includes 90 food cards in color along with 20 black-and-white attack cards. The food cards are composed of 6 nutrient categories distinguished by 6 colors, and the healthiness of the food cards is graded by Health Value numbers, which is indicated by the level of color value.
    To express the idea of health in a more approachable way, the designer applied the Japanese Comic book style to personify the foods. Each food is given a good or evil face in Manga-style that implies its healthiness or unhealthiness.
    To win the game, the player must meet the designated card amount and the minimum total health value. The first player who meets the 2 conditions is the winner.
    The game is a challenge of ones ability to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy food, and is also a challenge of ones memory and strategy.