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Logo iterations developed for local Denver monastery
The Capuchin Franciscan Province of St. Conrad was desirous of an identity update. They wanted something contemporary that communicated Franciscan values (contemplation and service), but in a way specific to their province. These iterations were created merely to help the monastery clarify its goals and desires for a finished logo and were not ultimately used in final branding and collateral.
Icons represent dual nature of monastic life: contemplativeness and service.
Ambiguity in two figures allows for wider interpretation and accessibility: Conrad & Francis, Youth & Age, Single lifespan of service and prayer
The straight dividing line alludes to an equality between both aspects of monastic life. The curved dividing line offers a more natural delineation between figures as well as a very subtle allusion to the Tau cross.
Example of a finalized logo + type treatment and how it would operate in black and white.