Captured Street

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  • Captured Street
    This is an ongoing project street signage. Streets are surround with designs and notices that we pass by and take little notice of, while they stand there for years on end trying to get our attention and eventually start wearing out and taking on a new life. Many of these signs have been replace since making them, and when I see the new ones in place I actually miss their old rustic charm and story.

    The execution for this project was to help illustrate the wearing out and time spent on the streets. They have all been shot on slide film and then the film goes through a tarnishing process. The film is then scanned and prints are made from these. The final and longest step is carefully cutting out the paper print, which are then float mounted in a shadow box..
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    ARTIST: Sandy McLea
    COLLECTION: 15 Artworks
    EDITIONS: Open
    MEDIUM: Geclee Prints, Cut-out
    IMAGE SIZES AVAILABLE: 14 x 19cm (32 x 26cm Framed)
    Artworks are sold Print & Frame or Print only.
    If you require more info on purchasing artworks, email me at
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