Captain Applesauce

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  • Captain Applesauce in: Attack of the Boogerbabies From Outer Space!
    episode one
  • Here I'll take you through the development of the "Captain Applesauce and the Boogerbabies From Outer Space!" illustration.
  • It started with a sketch of a sketch.  The caped young boy with penny loafers is a character that I had developed two summers ago in my sketchbook, but I won't go into Captain Applesauce's extraordinary background here.
  • I wanted something for Captain Applesauce to be up against. Captain Applesauce exists in the atomic age, and I wanted a villain that would hearken back to those days of radioactive panic.  Pretty soon, the boogerbabies were born.  I look at them as the little menacing offspring of the Blob.
  • Next up, I blocked in a swarm of boogerbabies for Captain Applesauce to engage in epic battle with. *I cheated a bit by re-using my initial boogerbaby concept sketch for the one in the upper left.
  • After I'm done with the sketch, I create another layer and then go back in and redo the line work, creating various line qualities and a cleaner look to the piece.
  • Underneath the "lines" layer, I begin to color the figures.  I tend to use a very soft edge brush to block in a base color, and then add multiple layers of color, shadows, and highlights over the base layer.
  • I then turned my attention to the background boogerbabies.  I hid the layers above so I could focus on the background.  I chose a darker green to make the foreground boogerbabies stick out better, and gave the swarm some mass by throwing in some gestural highlights and shadows.
  • Here are all three major layers combined.
  • Next I came up with a autumn sky background that I thought would work well with the colors that I had already used for Captain Applesauce and the Boogerbabies.
  • In this stage, I like to block in general areas of text, just so I get a hint of what the ultimate layout should look like.
  • Once I got to this stage, I knew that I had to make it look like a vintage movie poster or comic book title page.  I chose a pretty classy looking font for "Captain Applesauce in:" and a vintage monster movie font for the rest of the title.  The green text has an inner glow layer effect.
  • Here is the finished version.  After all of the elements were in place, I created a lens flare effect with a low opacity white brush, and gave the text some texture by adding highlights.

    Stay tuned for more adventures of Captain Applesauce.