Cannes Young Lions competition 2011

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  • Cannes Young Lions competition 2011
    Bronze winner
  • Pump Aid is an organization that works to combat the global water and sanitation crisis. Using simple but effective technology, Pump Aid builds water pumps, called Elephant Pumps, that can be maintained by poor rural communities especially in Africa without any assistance.
    42 creative teams from across the globe gathered in the Cannes Lions Festival and were briefed by Pump Aid to create a double spread print ad , that  raises awareness about Pump Aid's work and asks people to donate 3 pounds monthly.A mandatory donation form was given in the brief to include in the ad. Instead of having it as an add on, we used it as the center of the idea. The form was placed on the layers of soil that separate the people from the water source underground. By cutting out the form, donators would have experienced the benefit of their action- removing the barriers between the people of Africa and clean water.