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  • This is a project done through Berkeley Innovation that won an honorable mention in the UC Big Ideas Contest.
    There are thousands of bright students at UC Berkeley, each with their own thoughts, opinions, and ideas. The campus is also faced with a number of problems - making education affordable, protecting students, etc - but is currently unable to find favorable solutions for all of them. Campus Insight is a multi-platform application for crowd-sourced problem-solving. It uses gamification techniques to foster a collaborative space where students can share their ideas with administrators on how solve these various problems. 
  • Students can also browse other responses and 'amplify' them if they think they are good.
  • We also explored mobile interfaces so students could use this live, in mass, at protests.  It gives them a safe, legal, and effective action to take jointly that strongly voices their opinions.
  • One of the biggest challenges of this project was creating a cohesive brand.  As our advisor Ed Gutman pointed out, we needed a good verb such as "like" or "tweet" to give users a branded action to take.  It was actually another member of Berkeley Innovation, Cole Murphy, who came up with the word 'Amplify'.  The word and logo allude to protest and the idea of building on something.
  • Our project board we presented at the Big Ideas competition.
  • Special Thanks to Nikhita Singh (team member) and Ed Gutman (advisor), who aren't on Behance to credit properly but were both instrumental in the success of the project!
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