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  • When we contacted Camper to produce the graphics and communication material for the workshop, which is held every July in Son Fortesa (Majorca), we suggested creating a magazine that would focus on day-to-day activity at the workshop, the participants and speakers involved, and everything going on at the event. The publication would be distributed on the last day of the workshop to coincide with an exhibition of work by participants, so the challenge was to design and print the magazine in just five days. The only way this could be done was to use a rotary printing system, because in this graphic industry sector the turnaround time for jobs is very short. The result was 10,000 newspapers printed in black and white, featuring short articles, interviews, illustrations of the work process, and information on everything that went on at the workshop. After the event, the newspaper was sent out to fashion schools around the world to promote the 2010 workshop.